a collaborate initiative 

Portfolio of Projects

Interactive Bible


Project targeting developing countries using interactive bible apps that are geared for discipleship and connection into local Christian communities.


We partner with several bible apps, providing them with a real time chat feature inside of the bible. This enables online missionaries to answer questions about bible and connect people in local Christian communities.


  • Press Bible targeting international countries
  • Ask Bible: targeting developing countries with a non-smart phone app
  • Video Bible targeting East Asia
  • US based ministries for real time chat response
  • US based ministries, denominations and Church Finder for international church network

Open Foyer


A US project that engages people searching for church online with the purpose of connecting them into local Christian communities.  


We partner with businesses specializing in search engine optimisation along with search and display, enabling us to capture a specialized target of online people looking for local churches. Using technology we are able to engage and filter those who are genuinely interested. We then provide this as a resource to church denominations and organizations and in doing so, effectively grow local Christian communities. 


  • Church Finder with searches from over 400,000 people per month looking for a local church
  • Searchable Church partnering with churches to manage their digital marketing campaigns with the goal of sharing the gospel and directing seekers to their churches
  • Mercy House, providing a call center to engage and connect new churches partners facilitating the connection of seekers to local churches

Our Role

At Harvest we:

 Initiate new projects and strategies 

 Build project partnerships

•  Oversee connecting new seekers into local Christian communities