What is Harvest?


Harvest is a ministry initiative with the goal of providing every person an opportunity to connect with a local Christian community.  We do this by initiating strategic ministry projects that engage both businesses and NGO’s to achieve maximum impact. These projects cast a wide net for all people seeking connection to local Christian communities. It is Harvests partnerships with church networks, denominations and church planting ministries that help facilitate these connections.  

Harvest is not a fundraising organization. Instead partners contribute funding in support of the projects.

Meet the Team

Harvest Directors


Executive Director

Dwayne is an entrepreneur, starting businesses and NGO's in the US and in Asia. In 2006 Dwayne and his brother bootstrapped the start of the Texas based security company Smith Monitoring. In 2014, the company sold to NRG, a fortune 250 company.


Since 2006 Dwayne has co-founded several mentoring/leadership development projects focused in developing nations. He and his family lived in Asia for just under 2 years and helped to start a project that now provides personal development and leadership training in developing nations. Dwayne holds a Master of Arts degree in Theo-Sociology from Regent University. He and his wife Cherice live in McKinney Texas, along with their 5 children. Dwayne also serves on the board of several global organizations.


[Due to the sensitive nature of ministry work in Asia, a photo is unavailable and name may be altered]

Sean brings more than 15 years of combined software development, project management, and leadership skills to Unite Life’s team. He is able to serve partners by being a key coordinator with international teams and loves seeing solutions worked out that help get more people responding to the gospel and connected to churches.

Harvest Advisors

Our work is spearheaded by an advisory board consisting of representatives from member organizations. These representatives consult with Harvest on their specific projects, while their organization serves as a financial partner for those projects. Additionally, representatives provide counsel and access to their networks for other Harvest projects. Together we seek to build an ecosystem where the success of each project feeds into the others.

Nick Runyon

Nick began his career as part of a tech startup, working to become the Marketing Director for a growing dot-com where he built performing sales teams and developed metric-based advertising strategy.

In 2008 Nick moved from business to ministry, applying online metrics and analysis to online missions with Global Media Outreach. As Director of Outreach, and later COO, Nick lead the organization to reach over 1 Billion people with the Gospel while at GMO.

Today Nick, along with his wife and five children, live in Dallas, Texas where he is the North America Executive Director for Christian Vision. Nick and his team are passionate about leveraging technology and industry best practices to build great tools that share the Gospel and connect people to the local church. Believing that making others better makes us all better, Nick participates in coaching, training and speaking engagements around the world, sharing his experience and learned best practices to improve the ministries and businesses of others. 

Marcus Stern

Marcus has a deep passion for developing leaders and accelerating new ideas. His unique gifts and abilities have helped organizations around the world develop resources, infrastructure and strategy for the future. As founder of MH Stern Consulting, Marcus serves ministries and nonprofits by helping provide organizational development and comprehensive fundraising initiatives. He has 19 years experience in for-profit and non-profit sectors with understanding of how to integrate various income models into new sources of revenue.

Marcus served as the Senior Development Director with Global Media Outreach, Senior Counselor with Development Systems International, President of PAXGlobal, and Regional Director of North America for the Jerusalem Institute of Justice helping secure major gifts.

He spent 5 years in the academic sector as Director of Student Life with Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. At the time Southeastern was one of the nation's fastest growing private universities. Marcus and his wife Vanessa have 2 daughters and reside in Frisco, Texas.

Lee Raney

Lee is the Founder and CEO of ChurchFinder.com – a site that provides the connecting link between people and churches. Beginning in  2013, Lee has has grown Church Finder traffic by over 50% every year. Today the site is the number 1 resource in the U.S. for finding a church, connecting millions of people with thousands of Christian churches. Church Finder also serves as a resource for pastors by effective targeted people looking for a church in their community.

In 2016 Lee expanded the platform to include social church reviews making Church Finder the Yelp and Hotel.com of the Church search industry. With church reviews and 5-star ratings, people are able to evaluate and decide on local churches to visit.  By providing these kinds of services, Lee has positioned Church Finder as the modern way to invite your neighbor to church!

Maison Tiradoegas

Maison Tiradoegas is the president and founder of Press Bible, a video and photo bible app helping countless people all over the world to learn the Bible. Press Bible's video commentaries and in-app chat feature provides a cutting edge way to engage people in emerging Christian nations. These resources provide both believers and seekers with real answers to legitimate questions about faith and the Bible.  Maison is also the founder of Levi Everett Productions, a video production company that helps businesses and individuals tell their stories. 

He currently lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife. 

Bob Zhang

Bob is an entrepreneur and the CEO of a media/marketing company that he launched in 2010. His passion is to help equip creative pioneers whose focus is to connect online seekers into local community. His company which began as a development and marketing outsourcing company, was retooled in 2012 into a digital outreach company. Bob and his team are based in East Asia.